Packing Engineer-包装工程师

发布于 2017-11-28

Job Responsibilities工作职责:

  • Managing the packing design for OEM/OES/Sample parts;

  • Follow up on the project phases and deliver the results on time.

  • Formal running test and Customer approval of packaging.

  • Accomplishing action plan for all packing failure founded( Internal or customer complaint).

  • Standardize the packing design.

  • Final modification and confirmation of logistic cost calculation according to any change of information.

  • Prepare packaging WI and required documentations internal and external.

  • Work with RFQ team to quote advanced packaging cost for potential projects.

  • Work with OD team to implement the transportation optimizing.

  • Managing to control the packing budget.

  • Comply totally with local regulations & laws and follow site EHS procedures /rules.

Job Requirements工作要求

  • Education学历: Bachelor degree or above in packing or engineering area

  • Language语言: English

  • Computer skill计算机技能: Basic AutoCAD&MS Office (Word/Excel)

  • Work experience工作经验: 3Y related working experiences

  • Others to be specified其他: Carefulnessresponsibility & communication skill,Quick learning ability.


发布于 2017-11-22


a.     Lead developing, updating and managing the quality system documents;


b.     Lead the quality system planning and implementation for BA Shanghai plant 1 and coordinate across Shanghai plants;


c.     Performance and quality data tracking, data analyzing and working out improvement proposals;


d.     Organize quality audit activities and manage the quality records;


e.     Manage the documentation control center;



* Typical Education Level 教育背景:

 Bachelor degree, Chemical Engineering and Technology or Material Engineering is preferred

* Relevant experience, knowledge and skills 相关经验技能:

Familiar with ISO 9000 standards 熟悉ISO9000体系标准

Trained internal auditor 内部审核员

Ability to work independently 独立工作的能力

Good initiatives and communication skills 工作主动,良好的沟通能力

* Preferred personal characteristics 个性特点:

 Open and cooperation with other people


发布于 2017-11-22
  •  Achieve personal sales target.


  • Coordinate communications between customer and internal departments in order to maintain customer satisfaction and develop new sale. Push the whole process execution from pricing, order following up and payment receiving and products claiming.


  • To work closely with the application technologies team to provide technical support and field services to the customers;


  • Develop new application, broaden product range, increase sales, and grow market share.


  • To collect and update market information on a regular basis, and make the marketing study.


  • To ensure long-term business prospects with the customers and profit oriented result to the Company.


  • To collect the account receivables in a timely and professional way; 


  • Set up and maintain good relationship with end users, gain customer trust and continuously get new project opportunities, follow up new projects well; Build and keep good cooperation relationship with partner (distributor) and different departments inside SGA to fulfill high efficiency cooperation; And based on it, manage end users and distributors well.


  • Conduct daily sales work timely and efficiently, such as customer information collection, sample application and management, customer test arrangement, order placement for direct customer, special price application, price system management, AR (Account Receivable) push, delivery management, urgent order coordination and follow up, customer training seminar organization, etc. Has the ability to deal with most complaints; Provide monthly order and sales forecast promptly; Submit high quality report like travel report and monthly report, etc.


  • Be familiar with Abrasives industry; periodically update market share and competitors’ status; Identify and warn potential business risks; Know Abrasives grinding application well and has the ability to summarize bearing segment development characteristics.


  • Manage Funnel and TAP projects well; according to the requirement to do PSP project.



* Typical Education Level 教育背景:

College degree or above and major in mechanical engineering or relevant engineering, marketing or sales background is a plus.


* Relevant experience, knowledge and skills 相关经验技能:

-          around 3~ 5 years relevant technical sales working experiences in multinational manufacture industry.


-          Excellent sales skill.优秀的销售技巧;

-          General computer skills, especially MS Office. Advanced presentation and negotiation skills.熟练应用办公软件 ;具备很强的商务谈判技巧及表述能力;

* Preferred personal characteristics 个性特点:

-            Initiative, communication skill, teamwork spirit积极主动,优秀的沟通技巧和团队合作精神;

-            Can work under pressure and frequent business travel. 能承受工作压力并经常出差;

-            Observe occupational moral, keep occupational secret.遵守职业道德,保守职业秘密;

-            Observe standards for safe working conditions as outlined in the applicable Chinese Regulatory Act as well as rules and regulations outlined in the employee handbook. 遵守中国法律规定的安全工作标准和相关公司规章制度和员工手册。


发布于 2017-11-22


  • Grow our sales through existing distribution channel 通过现有分销渠道提高销售业绩
  • Grow sales by developing new paint distributor channel and 4S group 通过开发新的喷涂经销商渠道和4S集团来提高销售业绩
  • Grow our brand awareness in local 4S shop 在当地4S店提高品牌效应
  • Lead the local conversion of 4S shop to use Norton products 主导4S店转换使用诺顿产品
  • Organize locally test drive trainings and repair contests together with application and product team 和应用及产品团队一起组织相关现场测试


       * Typical Education Level 教育背景:

      Bachelor degree, a technical background with AAM painting process is a plus


     * Relevant experience, knowledge and skills 相关经验技能:

      Min. 5 years relevant sales working experiences in AAM product.


     * Preferred personal characteristics 个性特点:

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills. 良好的沟通及表达能力。
  • Self-motivated, energetic and hard working. Good team work and coordination.有责任感,能吃苦耐劳,有团队精神和合作能力。
  • Willing to travel frequently. 能适应经常出差。


发布于 2017-11-22


1\ 给维修工提供技术支持,包括:提供新项目/新设备的技术培训、支持维修工共同解决维修难题。
2\ 编制并实施预防维护计划,并根据实际情况不断更新并改进。
3\ 负责机械备件管理,包括:安全库存的设定、备件国产化等。
4\ 负责或参与各类工厂的设备改进项目,提升设备的自动化和产能的同时将EHS因素考虑在内。
5\ 负责工装设计、制造与管理,评估并选择***供应商提供支持。

* Typical Education Level 教育背景: 全日制机械类相关专业本科以上学历,有一定的英语口语交流能力。
* Relevant experience, knowledge and skills 相关经验技能:

Digital Marketing Manager

发布于 2017-11-22

         Main Responsibility: 

  • Business digitalization for the local market. Develop proper e-commerce roadmap (both to channel customers and to end customers, to known customers and to un-known customers) according to local e-commerce market development and APAC overall e-commerce strategy
  • Coordination among different business lines and key markets for major social media, News APPs, video websites’ cooperate account page optimization, content creation and external promotion through internal and external media.
  • Data collection by working with different  business lines and data monitoring through major online visits analysis tools/websites, such as Google Analytics and Baidu Analytics.
  • Support APAC Marketing Director for APAC digital core team monthly activities and regular following up.

            Main Requirement:

  • Bachelor degrees above with engineering, e-commerce or marketing background. MBA degree and international working experience will be preferred
  • Over 3 years marketing experience in the B to B Companies.
  • Over 1 year hands on digital marketing or e-commerce experience with successful operation result on mainstream social media or e-commerce websites.
  • Being familiar with all local popular digital marketing tools, social media and main ecommerce platform and having cooperation experience with some of them.
  • Understand major internet data analysis tools’ principle and being able to identify the business trend through monitoring online data change and give count-strategy.
  • Cross function leadership with strong communication skill and personality to ensure the collaboration between different business units and departments. Experience of leading a small group with multi-culture background or remote base is preferred.
  • Strong self-motivation and discipline to set target out of box and pursue the goal. Willing to take challenge and having enough persistence when facing the pressure and difficulty.


发布于 2017-11-20

Job Responsibilities

     Analyze and solve the technical problems of the production line.
 Training the new technician and the operator.
 Supervise assembly operations to achieve production target.
 Establish and maintain production planning and control.
 Cooperate Maintain machines, equipment and tools.
 Ensure that QC procedures and standards are followed.
 Improves continuously manufacturing performance and minimize lead time.
 Total comply with local regulations & laws and follow site EHS procedures /rules.
 Attend EHS training, participate in site EHS activities and promote EHS requirements.
 Timely report any EHS related injury /environmental / occupational health cases and near miss cases and TF4/TF5; and ensure all corrective actions will be closed within defined timeline.
 Be responsible for own area risk assessment and keep on updating.
 Be responsible for EHS inspections and program /procedure implementation in his working area (machine guarding, LOTO, PPE, etc).
 Before each job, check if the equipment/machine safety device are in good order.


Required Background Skills

 Bachelor degree and major in mechanical, electrical or electrical-mechanical.
 Fluent English.
 Minimum 3 years related position in manufacture industry, especially in continuous automatic assembly line.
 Knowledge on production line control, and especially familiar with the production process of high temperature furnace is preferred.
 Knowledge on problem solving skills, be familiar with APQP, PPAP, FMEA is preferred.
 Understand quickly and impact new knowledge/process.
 Good capability of relationship.
 Motivated and team spirit.
 Able to assume risks.
 Able to manage hard situations.
 Dynamism and pro-activity.
 Analyze and solve problem.


发布于 2017-11-15

Nature and Scope:

1) Make sure the equipment has proper maintenance plan;

2) Assist ME supervisor or manager to ensure PM is completed in time, to analyze root cause and take corrective action to prevent recurrence ;
3) Write standard work instructions(SOP) for all equipments and train operators and technicians;
4) Follow up all daily preventive maintenance and execution;
5) Assist ME supervisor or manager to follow up the internal and external audit findings ;
6) Participate in spare parts application and management;
7) Subcontractor management
8) Responsible for all production line equipment data and software management
9) Energy management.
10) Ensure to excute LOTO  safety in PM activities;
11) Lead the retrofit project of equipment(including safety,cost down,LP.etc);

Required Background Skills:

1) College degree or above, major in mechanical or electrical
2) At least 4 years experience in equipment maintenance
3) Familiar with mechanical, hydraulic, lubrication, pneumatic and other related knowledge 
4) Familiar with CAD drawing, mapping and spare parts, spare parts processing.
5) Familiar with Microsoft office software, including Excel, Word, etc.
6) Good in English reading and writing
7) Good team work


发布于 2017-11-15

Nature and Scope:

1) Assist plant controller in preparing annual budget and plan
2) Monthly closing:
- Together with warehouse, prepare monthly report on all in-flow and out-flow of stock goods and calculate monthly RM cost, estimate quarterly provision on slow-moving and obsolete stock based on reports provided by warehouse, estimate quarterly provision on slow-moving and obsolete stock based on reports provided by warehouse
- Prepare monthly accrued expense report and ensure correct booking
- Checking, recording and issuing sales invoices, with information provided by customer service team
- Track long-aging receivables and monitor credit limit granted to customers
- Follow monthly all FA movements
- Monthly reporting to Group and BU level, and analysis on monthly results
3) Other finance & controlling works:
- Check payment requests and personal reimbursements, to ensure correct booking and compliance; and prepare payment request for Finance & IT related expenses
- Follow up the entire process on CAPEX investment, from the initial request till capitalization, including check against budget, and keep record and labeling for all fixed assets (including AUC)
- Assist in annual stock counting and FA counting
- Prepare documents for export tax rebate, and also for handbooks on processing imported bonded materials
- Collaborate with FSSC to prepare documents for HNTE renewal and R&D super deduction
4) Assist plant controller in ERP implementation (above scope will change when ERP is in place, some may not be necessary, and costing related work will be included)
5) Assist plant controller in internal control
6) Other misc.:
- Contact with local bank, local tax authority, industrial and commercial bureau, etc.
- Other non-recurring works assigned by plant controller

Required Background Skills:

1) Bachelor or above
2) 3 years or above finance controlling & accounting work experience 
3) Autonomous, strong logical thinking and problem solving skill
4) Be able to work under pressure
5) Familiar with PRC and IFRS accounting standards and corporate related tax regulations
6) Good command in English



发布于 2017-11-14


1. 协助采购主管在系统中新建供应商;

2. 订单处理;

3. 协助上级向生产部门开工单安排生产;

4. 资料汇总整理;

5. 协助展会筹备。



1. 基本办公软件;

2. 较强的条理性和责任心;

3. 一周至少能工作三天。