PAMEX Export Sales Manager

发布于 2018-01-18


  • Develop and reinforce PAMEX operation with Chinese Contractors

  • Visit Chinese contractors to promote the PAM product and solutions

  • Organize and accompany the clients for plant visit.

  • Study the client organization and decision making process, inquiry potential project opportunities.

  • Upon the request of PAMEX country managers, to support them in coordination with Chinese contractors, design institute and other stake holders.

  • Fulfill sales budget

  • Follow up sales opportunities, using CRM to enter information. Work with PAM Business Director – China, to define the priorities and tactics

  • Work closely with the teams, to participate to the whole bidding and negotiation process of projects.

  • Make sure, during the operation, all companies procedures and compliance are respected.

  • Respect expense budget

  • Market information

  • During the daily work, gather market marco and micro information, helping the market department for analysis.

  • Study the client profile, development strategy and activity movements

  • Follow up the competitor activity in business, product and other domain.

  • Communicate with clients on implementation of big projects

  • Once the given big project is in operation, being interface as representative, during the project implementation,

  • Update the progress of project and feedback of clients, seeking for internal support once needed, such as inspection,

  • Getting the documents needed per contact, settle the payment.


  • University degree majored in business or engineering.

  • Self-motivated spirit and strong result focus.

  • Good communication skill to external and internal, good human contact

  • Fast learning

  • 5 years in Sales of industrial product. Engineering Company with project management or procurement is a plus.

  • Fluent in English. French is a plus.


发布于 2018-01-18


Ø Take leading role in product onsite inspection to achieve quality objective - zero quality defect on delivered products.

Ø Summarize the root cause of problems found in inspection and communicate with suppliers to make improvement plan and follow up the implementation of corrective actions.

Ø Evaluate supplier performance by using key performance indicators (KPI) and communicate the appraisal result with quality supervisor and category leader.

Ø Work with internal customers & quality supervisor to define Quality Control Plan for product onsite inspection, and review/modify QCP regularly to avoid any quality risk.

Ø Support quality supervisor and category leader in potential supplier qualification and new product / reference development; Support quality supervisor to deal with 3rd party audit; Support quality supervisor to audit on suppliers’ process control and quality system.

Ø Help category leaders to develop new products with technical aspects in China, to respect promised delivery schedule to internal customers.

Ø To keep an eye on our competitors’ sourcing activity in CHN and make report of competitors’ follow up sheet every month.


  • Bachelor degree or equivalent, majored in technology, quality system knowledge will be a plus in particular quality management experience.

  • Good command of English, at least in writing and listening.

  • Be open, proactive and hardworking.

  • For SG employee, at least 18 months working on current position.

Lead Buyer 采购主管(上海,亚太总部)

发布于 2018-01-03

Key Responsibilities:

1 Responsible for category purchases for indirect material in China

2 Responsible for Purchasing objectives (cost savings) and actions taken

3 Suppliers’ market watch, cost analysis of main factors, identity innovations

4 Set up preferred supplier list for assigned sub-categories

5 Responsible for supplier relationship management and establish partnerships with major suppliers

6 Lead bidding and negotiations of country/region-wide supplier contracts including price, payment terms and master terms & conditions

7 Set up contracts based upon commitments

8 Ensure smooth implementations, coordination & communication of contracts/ agreements to different BU sites

9 Monitor supplier performance and consolidate supplier evaluation data


Qualification Requirements:

Typical Education Level:Bachelor degree or above

Relevant experience, knowledge and skills:

project management skills, negotiation skills and experience

analysis skills

Good communication skills in English and Chinese

Work experience of 3-5 years, preferably in general purchases or related

APAC Senior Developer 亚太资深软件开发工程师(上海,亚太总部)

发布于 2018-01-03

Key Accountabilities:

Understand and analysis business requirement and software requirements

Consult, propose and design application architecture

Develop, test, deploy, maintain and enhance software solutions

Research, analysis and propose software tools, application, service and platform

Review code and ensure high quality of code, enforce good practice in place

Coordinate Applications Competency Centers for incident, problem changes and project management

Coordinate selected outsourced providers to develop / support solutions in compliance with Statement of Work and services level agreed

Solve the problem of the applications owned by this role

Provide application training to end user as necessary


Qualification Requirements:

Typical Education Level:

Bachelor or Master degree in Software Engineering

Fluent in both written and spoken English

Experience, knowledge and skills required:

5+ years software development experience

Rich experience on Java, JS, HTML, CSS, Groovy

Excellent experience of MySQL, MS SQL Server and other RDBMS

Familiar with Linux and MS Windows Operation System

Familiar with popular Java Open Source Development Framework

Strong problem solving and debugging skills

Ideally development Experience with Bonita BPM platform and other BPM platform is a plus

Web and mobile development experience is a plus

Good team work and passion for excellence

Order Processing Supervisor订单中心主管(青岛,玻璃)

发布于 2017-12-12




3、与仓库, 运输和包装沟通充分,保证订单及时交付









联系人:孙女士 0532-58718621  yujie.sun@saint-gobain.com


Order Processing Supervisor-订单中心主管 (青岛,玻璃)

发布于 2017-12-05

汇报对象:  物流部经理












发布于 2017-11-30


  • 主要负责公司内部新应用&工具产品程序编写、测试与调试工作;

  • 负责相关技术文档、操作说明文档的编写、整理、归档;

  • 根据新的功能需求,调整、维护和优化现有的产品程序;

  • 负责对内部客户进行公司产品的操作指导或培训工作。


* Typical Education Level 教育背景:
- 计算机或相关专业,3年以上软件开发经验;
* Relevant experience, knowledge and skills 相关经验技能:
- 精通.Net C# 开发,熟练使用Visual Studio 2008/2010/2015等开发工具;
- 熟悉MS SQL Server数据库,熟练编写存储过程、函数、触发器;
- 熟练运用HTML,XML,CSS,DIV、Web Service、WCF等,能编写或修改JavaScript、JQuery。
* Preferred personal characteristics 个性特点:
- 工作认真、细致、态度严谨,善沟通及团队合作;
- 有较强的学习和理解能力,可以独立面对项目中各方面存在的压力。


发布于 2017-11-29

Main Responsibility

  • 参与企业级数据仓库和BI项目的设计开发,BI项目管理;

  • 报表前端和后台的开发以及ETL的处理;

  • 为公司的业务级应用提供数据支持;

  • 支持各部门用户的日常数据维护



* Typical Education Level 教育背景:

- 计算机、数学相关专业本科学历,5年或以上BI开发经验;

* Relevant experience, knowledge and skills 相关经验技能:

- 熟悉SAP系统或Micro Strategy相关产品;

- 深刻理解BI系统建设各层面,对BI建设思路和建设方向有清晰的认识,至少精通一种前端设计工具;

- 能够熟练进行BI项目的分析设计和开发工作(包括ETL抽取和前端多维展现);

- 熟练掌握数据库和SQL技术,较强的问题分析能力,能定位分析问题;

- 具有良好的逻辑分析、语言表达、文档编写能力和快速学习能力;

- 有良好沟通能力,英语读写能力。(需要直接与外籍用户及数据专家沟通共事)

* Preferred personal characteristics 个性特点:

- 工作认真、细致、态度严谨,善沟通及团队合作;

- 有较强的学习和理解能力,可以独立面对项目中各方面存在的压力。



发布于 2017-11-29

Core responsibility/主要工作职责:


  • Achieve personal sales target.



  • Coordinate communications between customer and internal departments in order to maintain customer satisfaction and develop new sale. Push the whole process execution from pricing, order following up and payment receiving and products claiming.



  • Work closely with other company teams to implement marketing and promotion programs within regional channel aligning with company strategy and objective.

  • 和公司其他部门紧密合作实施所负责区域渠道市场推广和促销方案来完成公司制定的战略和目标。


  • To work closely with the application technologies team to provide technical support and field services to the customers;



  • Develop new market, new application market and find new customers, improving market range.



  • To collect and update market information on a regular basis, and make the marketing study.



  • To ensure long-term business prospects with the customers and profit oriented result to the Company.



  • To collect the account receivables in a timely and professional way;



  • Set up and maintain good relationship with end users, gain customer trust and continuously get new project opportunities, follow up new projects well; Build and keep good cooperation relationship with partner (distributor) and different departments inside SGA to fulfill high efficiency cooperation; And based on it, manage end users and distributors well.



  • Conduct daily sales work timely and efficiently, such as customer information collection, sample application and management, customer test arrangement, order placement for direct customer, special price application, price system management, AR (Account Receivable) push, delivery management, urgent order coordination and follow up, customer training seminar organization, etc. Has the ability to deal with most complaints; Provide monthly order and sales forecast promptly; Submit high quality report like travel report and monthly report, etc.



  • Be familiar with Abrasives industry; periodically update market share and competitors’ status; Identify and warn potential business risks; Know Abrasives grinding application well and has the ability to summarize bearing segment development characteristics.



  • * Typical Education Level 教育背景:

    Bachelor degree or above, marketing or sales background is a plus.


    * Relevant experience, knowledge and skills 相关经验技能:

  • Have 2+ years’ experience on channel sales on industrial consumables and consumable products. 2年以上工业耗材或消费品渠道销售经验

  • Excellent sales skill. 优秀的销售技巧;

  • General computer skills, especially MS Office. Advanced presentation and negotiation skills. office熟练应用 ;具备很强的商务谈判技巧及很强的报告、演讲技能;


    * Preferred personal characteristics 个性特点:

  • Initiative, communication skill, teamwork spirit积极主动,优秀的沟通技巧和团队合作精神;

  • Can work under pressure and frequent business travel. 能承受工作压力并经常出差;

  • Observe occupational moral, keep occupational secret.遵守职业道德,保守职业秘密;

  • Observe standards for safe working conditions as outlined in the applicable Chinese Regulatory Act as well as rules and regulations outlined in the employee handbook. 遵守中国法律规定的安全工作标准和相关公司规章制度和员工手册。

Advanced Engineering Engineer- 前期工程师

发布于 2017-11-28

Job Responsibilities工作职责:

  • Make the first analyze of the RFQ and Technical input file from customers (OEM, Tier 1 Supplier);

  • Prepare the cost estimation and continuous optimizing;

  • Prepare technical solution and have technical review with customer with support from European team

    and internal team;

  • Cooperate with Marketing & KAM to Promote new technology and product to customer

  • Cooperate with project, tooling, planning, production, quality team during quotation phase and handle over if project nominated

  • Align with AE (Advanced Engineering) global for technology and strategy (Feasibility study, Simulation, presentation);

  • Create harmonious relationship with customer both technically and commercially

Job Requirements工作要求

  • Education: Bachelor degree or above in Mechanical engineering, Industrial Engineering or related fields

  • Language: English: CET4 or above (Good English speaking reading and written is required for daily work usage)

  • Computer skill: Good knowledge of MS-office and Basic CAD/CAM skill

  • Work experience: More than 3 years of related experience

  • Priority:  1. Manufactory especially automotive company working experience;  2.Open minded and good communication skill